Dimmer Switches are an easy way to upgrade your home. They allow you to set the mood for any occasion and can be used to save electricity as well, while extending the life of your lightbulbs. This affordable approach and give a very upmarket feel to your home with many different options to suit your needs.


Why should you install Dimmer Switches in your home?

Some of the benefits of including dimmer switches include:


With Dimmer Switches you are able to program lighting for different areas using automatic timers. This can be a deterrent to intruders, even when you are not home. Low lighting can be used for different areas of your home, such as outside areas, giving the impression that someone is home.



Traditionally lights are either on or off, with dimmer switches you are able to reduce the lighting thus utilising less electricity. Dimmer Switches can be used to reduce your home’s monthly electrical bill. With timers lights can also be triggered only when needed to be more economical.



Dimmer Switches can be used to create different lighting scenes and moods for your home. This can be adjusted manually or automated to change for the different times of the day. Having dimmer switches can change the mood of a room to create ambiance and increase your lighting appeal.



Dimmer Switch Locations

Dimmer Switches can be used in a variety of locations, and don’t have to just be limited to dining rooms or entrance halls.

Bathroom –

A great use of a dimmer switch is to lower the light in the bathroom when you wake up. This will help you to transition from sleeping to being awake without assaulting your eyes. A relaxing and calm ambience can also be set by lowering the lights for a luxurious bath.

Bedroom –

As your body is getting ready for sleep, a calming ambience can be set using a dimmer switch. The lower lighting will help you to unwind and encourage better sleeping habits. It is not often that you truly need a bright light in the bedroom. This can be achieved with additional lighting such as a bedside lamp.


Kitchen –

When cooking or preparing a meal you may need full lighting, but in the early morning or for late night snacking a dimmer switch may come in handy. Lighting can also be split to include an overhead light for the kitchen island or kitchen table.

Hallways –

Dimmer switches in hallways or passages can be very useful at night, especially for younger children. Using dimmers will enable you to keep lighting low throughout the night. Dimmer Switches prevent bright lights from shining into bedrooms while still assisting visibility.

Living Areas –

Transform your lounge or living area into a movie theatre and back again when reading or playing games with the family. Dimmer switches give you complete flexibility to control the lights to suit your mood and occasion.

Outdoor lighting:

Adding dimmers to outdoor lighting can give you more control over energy consumption and spend. Dim the lights for overnight security and turn them up again when you need to see.


Dimmer Switch Styles

There are many options when it comes to dimmer switches, depending on your needs.

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